Custer: Reason for Indian War

by Jim Morgan

As pretended but not disinterested friends of the Indians frequently acquit the latter of comitting unprovoked attacks on helpless settlers and others, who have never in the slightest degree injured them, and often deny even that the Indians have been guilty of any hostile acts which justify the adoption of military measures to insure the measure of protection and safety of our frontier settlements, the following tabular statement is here given, This statement is taken from official records on file at the headquarters Military Division of the Missouri, and, as it states, gives only those murders and other depredations which were officially reported, and the white people mentioned as killed are exclusive of those slain in warfare. I am particular in giving time, place,etc., of each occurrance, so that those who hitherto may have believed the Indian to be a creature who could do no wrong may have ample opportunity to judge of the correctness of my statements. Many other murders by the Indian during this period no doubt occured, but, occurring as they did over a wide and sparsely steeled tract of country, were never reported to the military authorities.