A small confession

by Jim Morgan

I have a small and probably unsavoury confession to make. Yes, I do use Linux distros. Yes, some of these distros are even GNU/Linux. But I am not a geek. I have never operated a server. I have never written a line of code. For that matter I don’t even speak code. I couldn’t tell you the difference twixt Python and Lua to save my soul from eternal damnation. Truth is that I probably only understand about a third of the posts which relate to techie stuff that I see in my social networks. Most of it is gibberish to me. I read it in hopes of gaining knowledge. So far I have met bricks that are smarter than I am. Sometimes I think that one really cannot teach and old dog.

I do believe in and want privacy and freedom but I think you are a damn moron if you think some government or some license is going to give you either. Governments have never set anyone free. Governments only make slaves. The only way one acquires freedom and/or privacy is by taking it and never giving it back. I agree that their should be some political action, political action is good and could effect some change but I believe that real, substantive change only happens when you realise that you are free and begin to live your life accordingly. The guy who lived his whole life in the woods and has never been to town doesn’t worry about internet privacy or freedom. If you begin now to do everything you can to protect your privacy and your freedom sooner or later these actions will pay off. But you will never reach the goal by being like the hippie who wanted to ban the automobile and all he did was put "Ban the Car" bumperstickers on his car. You want socnet freedom? Don’t whine and bitch about it on Google+ or Facebook. They don’t care. They have your ass and that is all they wanted in the first place.

Admittedly I may have missed a point somewhere, as I said earlier I have met bricks that are smarter than me.