Excuse me but I have to rant for a minute…

by Jim Morgan

America has become a sad pansified whupped version of itself. Where are the men? Where are the guts? Where is the glory? This is pathetic people! We are so in touch with our feelings that we can’t even win a war or produce offspring!

We have gotten all wrapped up in giving second chances to people who really should fail. We make all the rules flexible if you have a problem or some dumbassed label. A clue here- SOME PEOPLE ARE SUPPOSED TO FAIL.

Here’s a newsflash- FAILURE IS PART OF LEARNING. Quit giving kids scoring curves. Quit giving them a million chances to turn in homework that was due two months ago. Quit moving them on to the next grade level when they are too damn stupid (or lazy) to learn to read. They will be on the teat from now on if they never have the opportunity to fail.


BULLYING?! Who in their right mind decided this was such a godawful thing. I was bullied as a kid. It stopped. I made it stop. Kids have this remarkable sense of right and wrong, believe it or not, and if you are sucking your thumb in class when you are 13 then you deserve to have your butt whipped. Bullies are part of the learning process as well. They can train you to act like a civilized member of society instead of being a self-indulgent ass like most parents these days.


Even team mascots are coming under fire these days. Someone has decided that the XCity Jaguars might be a scary mascot for the younger students. Here is yet another newsflash TEAM MASCOTS ARE SUPPOSED TO BE SCARY! Who the hell is going to be scared to play football against the XCity Carebears or the Sissycity Butterflies?


Come on you friggin wusses- leave those of us who have a pair alone and go back to your friggin needlepoint. We don’t mind doing the heavy lifting but we really want you to quit your bitching!