Indians readied for battle from #Custer’s autobiography #books #reading #quote

by Jim Morgan

At 11AM we resumed the march, and had proceeded but a few miles when we witnessed one if the finest and most imposing military displays, prepared according to the Indian art of war, which has ever been my lot to behold. It was nothing more nor less than an Indian line of battle drawn directly across our line of march; as if to say, Thus far and no further. Most of the Indians were mounted; all bedecked on their brightest colors, their heads crowned with the brilliant war bonnet, their lances bearing the crimson pennant, bows strung, and quivers full of barbed arrows. In addition to these weapons, which with the hunting knife and tomahawk are considered as forming the armament of the warrior, each one was supplied with either a breech-loading rifle or revolver, sometimes with both- the latter obtained through the wise foresight and strong love of fair play which prevails in the Indian Department…