The only constant in the universe is change…

by Jim Morgan

As some of you may have come to realize I am making major changes in just about everything in my life.

Among those changes is my internet life. I have several accounts online and I have them running fairly smoothly with very few doubles even though one account feeds another.

The only problem I have with the setup as it stands is that there is a person on Twitter with the same name as me and replies to me are ending up on his Twitter account. That has got to be annoying for him.

So while I am in the midst of changing my life around I have decided that this is a good time to clean up and start all over again. So with the help of a friend I have gone ahead and made the changes.

These are my new accounts for those interested:

My new account:
My new Twitter account: whistlewright
My new XMPP/GTalk/Jabber:
My alternative to Facebook can be found at

All of the old statusnet/identica, Twitter, and XMPP accounts will be deleted if possible and ignored if not.

I know that this is going to be a hassel for my friends but I do believe these steps are necessary both for simplicity’s sake and for helping out the Twitter jimmorgan.