Sorry tumblr you lose

by Jim Morgan

So I have been trying to decide which blogging platform to use. I have been using wordpress for over two years now. I like wordpress. I have 600 or so posts on here. I obviously like it.

Sometime ago discovered tumblr. This is also a nice service. It has a more “social” feel to it than wordpress does and I was leaning towards changing over to tumblr for my little escapades from logic.

But I have had some time to reflect on it a little and I have decided to go with wordpress.

1. WP is FAIF. This may not be a big deal to most people but I am trying to use free (as in freedom) software.

2. I can upload ogg files to wp. tumblr only allows mp3s.

3. WP has an XMPP account that comes with it for free.

4. WP, and all blog platforms really, has a “social” side.

5. WP has openid. While I don’t use it on everything I do have some accounts that only have openid access.