House cleaning

by Jim Morgan

I’ve determined that my addiction is getting in the way of my having a good time so I’ve been getting my digital house in order so as to avoid falling into the addiction again.

I’ve dropped a couple of accounts that were set up to cater to the addiction. They are history.

The RSS reader has been cleaned out and is really looking a bit sparse.

A personal commitment to return to free/open source software has been made. FOSS is not necessarily better, it’s just that the religious haven’t discovered it yet. I must do my best to avoid the traps.

A couple of other accounts will bite the dust in this purge. Not for reasons of addiction, just because I have one helluva digital footprint.

I still need to redo the email. My phone cratered a month ago and I lost all my settings and cryptography on my account.

I have returned to my XMPP/Jabber/GTalk account.

All will return to normal soon, I promise, and I will begin working on things of freedom and beauty. I have had all that I want if the other.