Victoria Notes

by Jim Morgan

Ok folks these are just notes, not really a blog post per se. Still reading on Victoria and her times.

George III

This is George III. He was Victoria’s grandfather. He reigned as King of Britain, King of Ireland and King of Hanover from 1760-1820. He fought many wars during his reign. Most notably for us, this is the King that the American Revolutionaries griped about and fought.

He went insane and the final ten years of his reign was actually handled by his son, George IV, as Prince Regent. Historical forensics folks have tried to come up with all sorts of possible explanations for his insanity from blood borne pathogens to syphilis. Not a one has claimed that inbreeding caused his insanity. All the royals are inbred. The royal houses are like friggin Arkansas.

George IV

This dapper young man is Victoria’s uncle King George the IV. This George was nowhere near as noteworthy as his father. He had no great accomplishments during his reign. His reign is marked by his lavish spending and his decaying mental health and withdrawal from society at large. He reigned from 1821-1830.

Princess Charlotte of Wales

This is George IV’s daughter Charlotte. I bumped into her story a few months ago. It is a sad story of abuse and neglect. In the final years of her short life she finally found love and acceptance in the arms of Leopold, who would become the first King of the Belgians. She dies suddenly of post-partum complications in 1817 leaving George IV with no legitimate heirs.


Her story would make a good tearjerker chick flick.


William IV

This guy in the trench coat and tights is George III’s son and George IV’s brother named William IV. Aside from looking incredibly goofy in paintings this guy accomplished some stuff as King of the United Kingdom from 1830-1837. Slavery was abolished in the UK and child labour laws were reformed. His two daughters died in 1819 and 1821 leaving William without any heirs.



This dashing warrior is Edward. He was Victoria’s father. He never served as King. He was the fourth son of George the III. Edward was a professional soldier. He served for a short time as the Commander-in-Chief of North America. He died the same year as his father, 1820. Victoria was born in May 1819.


She would have had no memory of her father.