Tooting your own horn from Tristram Shandy

by Jim Morgan

The learned Bishop Hall, I mean the famous Dr. Joseph Hall, who was
Bishop of Exeter in King James the First’s reign, tells us in one of
Decads, at the end of his divine art of meditation, imprinted at London,
in the year 1610, by John Beal, dwelling in Aldersgate-street, ‘That it
is an abominable thing for a man to commend himself;’—and I really think
it is so.

And yet, on the other hand, when a thing is executed in a masterly kind
of a fashion, which thing is not likely to be found out;—I think it is
full as abominable, that a man should lose the honour of it, and go out
of the world with the conceit of it rotting in his head.