Sex even fights tooth decay!

by Jim Morgan

Sex even fights tooth decay.

We all have some sexual deviants in our lives. The deviancy of these folks is that they are anti-sex, which is just as unhealthy both mentally and physically as those who get too much.


I know you know the signs of this sexual deviant. These are the folks who call you a slut if you have sex and enjoy it. These are the ones who claim they haven’t had sex since 1987 and seem to take a great deal of pride in that fact. You assume that they are telling the truth because they’re odd ducks. These folks also come up with goofy and specious sexual “facts” like sex leads to testicular cancer in men.


Luckily, most studies show that sex is not only normal and healthy but that lots of sex is even better. This study in Forbes magazine shows the benefits of sex four times or more a week! Sex even fights tooth decay!

Hey baby, I wanna be healthy!

This comes via Capital of Nasty