Boy in the Plastic Bubble

by Jim Morgan

Today’s selection is the public domain made-for-tv movie named Boy in the Plastic Bubble which is about a boy forced to live in a plastic bubble due to a bad immune system.

I will not be watching or reviewing this movie. Some other public domain reviewers, whose judgment I have come to trust, have recommended this show. So as a service I will post the links to it for you.

I will not watch it because I hate the enforced and affected sentimentality that a made-for-tv movie of this type evokes.

More importantly I will not watch this movie because it star one John Travolta. I can’t look at Travolta without seeing that idiot sweathog Barbarino. One would think that sooner or later Travolta would outgrow that.

Furthermore Travolta has starred in some of the dumbest movies ever set to celluloid. Who can forget such travesties as Broken Arrow, Staying Alive, Two of a Kind? To these we need to add junk like Saturday Night Fever, Grease and Battlefield Earth. Travolta also starred in what is perhaps the dumbest movie of all time, Urban Cowboy.

I’m just not going to waste my time with this one. Knowing my luck it might be Travolta’s greatest movie.

You can view it at

As a sidenote- even though Grease is dumber than dirt I do have a fun time watching it.