Johnny Cash as a sociapath in this movie

by Jim Morgan

Johnny Cash, Vic Tayback and Ronnie Howard act in this public domain thriller called Five Minutes to Live

In this thriller Vic Tayback plays a seasoned bank robber who hires sociopathic killer Johnny Cash to help in the bank heist. The plan is for Johnny Cash to hold a bank employee’s wife hostage at their lovely suburban home while Vic Tayback goes into town and coerces the loot from the bank employee. Tayback is supposed to call Cash every five minutes on the nose or Cash will kill the wife.

This one is tense in places. Cash’s character is rife with sexual aggressiveness. The bank employee is having an affair and we’re not sure that the phone calls will be made.

The set-up is excellent and the execution of the story is good. Tayback did an excellent job with his role. Cash seemed a little uncomfortable but I guess that happens when you take a singer and make an actor out of him. A six year old Ron Howard does a good job as well.

All in all this was a good movie. I could’ve done without all the guitar picking but this movie had Johnny Cash so what did I expect? I give it 3 1/2 start out of 5.

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