Quicksand- A decent into crime

by Jim Morgan

Last night my spleen ruptured appreciably as I watched the public domain film Quicksand which stars Mickey Rooney as a man who gets caught in a wild descent into crime after he steals $20 from the cash register at work.


This movie is generally believed to be one of Mickey Rooney’s best performances and is first film dark character after his good guy “Andy Hardy” movies.


This movie also stars Peter Lorre, who does a most adequate job of playing Peter Lorre, Jeanne Cagney and Barbara Bates.


I loved this movie. This was incredible. Within a few minutes I was totally wrapped up in the story and almost forgot that I was doing other things online while I was watching it. There was no cheesy dialogue or over the top scenes in it. I even liked Peter Lorre’s character, Nick, in this movie and I generally get annoyed by Lorre’s characters who are usually weasels.


Do yourself a favour and spend the hour and eighteen minutes to watch this public domain classic. It is well worth the time.


This movie can be watched or downloaded from archive.org