I found a decent #publicdomain movie!!!

by Jim Morgan

It is rare to find a movie that is both in the public domain and good. Sure the public domain has some incredible movies like The Tramp with Charlie Chaplin. Some others, such as John Wayne’s McClintock and Gregory Peck’s To Kill a Mockingbird are great movies but their public domain status is dubious to say the least. Needless to say most of the movies in the public domain are poor quality B-movies that should only be watched when one is in a mood for a schlocky movie and half drunk to boot.

But I have found a true gem of a movie in public domain. The Last Man on Earth was made in 1963 and stars Vincent Price as Robert Morgan. This movie is based on the book I Am Legend by Matheson which also served as the basis for the 1971 movie starring Charleton Heston called The Omega Man and the recent movie called I am Legend starring Will Smith.

I started watching this movie expecting it to be the usual public domain tripe. It is obviously low budget. It is a little over the top in places. The sets are cheesy and the dialog is a little stiff and disjointed but I found this movie to be a thoroughly enjoyable experience. I was counting on watching about 15 minutes of this and then going to bed but the movies so captured me that I watched the whole movie.

I highly recommend this movie. I like it better than The Omega Man remake and I even think it might be better than the Will Smith version.

Here is the link for the h_264 version of the movie. Other versions are available on that page.