#storytime Elijah in the Prairie

by Jim Morgan

Let me tell you a tale that happened a few years ago in The Levant, that is the fancy non-politically-charged name for the Holy Land.
Way back when some really grumpy people wandered around the countryside raising hate and discontent. They seemed to be good at it.

These folks did little more than crown government officials, proclaim woe on everything that walked and write some really depressing books.

They called these guys prophets and when the young folks collected their prophet collector cards everybody wanted the Elijah card.

This guy was amazing. He told the wicked king that it wasn’t going to rain in the land until he (Elijah) said it was would.

Elijah was living with this widow woman and her son died. Elijah raised the guy from the dead! This really boosted his stats, I tell you.

Probably Elijah’s greatest triumph came on Mt Carmel where he bested a whole cattlecar’s worth of priests of Baal. Their god didn’t show so Elijah won and all those priests were killed. Pretty gruesome stuff. The evil queen decided she had enough of the nonsense.

She sent word to Elijah that she wanted him as dead as her priests. Not good news, so our hero tucked tail and ran out into the prairie

Elijah was the star of the holy show in The Levant. His ego told him he was the only one working for God and he couldn’t take it.

He wanted to die. He prayed that God would just take him. But what did God do? God gave him food. Yep, God gave him a burrito–TWICE!

God didn’t rant and rave at him about being a self-centered boob. He fed him! And told him to go further out in the prairie.

Way out there in the country the well-fed Elijah got to see God. Not some fancy showy flashy God but a simple, quiet loving voiced God.

And God told Elijah that he wasn’t alone. That God had been working hard behind the scenes and had over 8000 people to do God’s work.

Sometimes we don’t need to carry the load alone, even though we may really want to do so. Elijah learned the lesson the hard way.