The Mother Superior is the World Roller Derby Champ!

by Jim Morgan

Photo Copyright by April Sikorski Licensed CC-BY-SA-2.0


I saw this picture the other day of a gaggle of nuns all wearing roller blades. I think that’s pretty cool. No, really I do. I’m not too sure about the aerodynamics of a habit and I imagine that if they get going too fast they will all look like Sally Field but it’s still cool.


Back when I was a kid I remember there being a nun that cut several pop music albums. I don’t know what her name was but I do remember that she was a hit.


Now being a nun has got to be a rough life. They have to do all those good deeds, and pray all the time. That has got to be stressful… they are not zen surrealists after all so they don’t have a brain dump to help them get through their dreary days and their dreary clothes.


Benedict should order all the nuns to take up rollerblading and demand that they become the best dang rollerbladers in the world. Then the Carmelites or whoever could challenge the Orthodox nuns to a winner take all show down for control of world Christendom.


Ok maybe that won’t happen. Western European nuns would get their butts whupped by the Eastern European ones. No amount of training could possibly prepare the Westerners for the onslaught of Slavic roller derbying nuns out for blood.