Running Dialogue- Part 4

by Jim Morgan

I took a few days off from writing these so I quit posting them. I’d hate to have y’all get ahead of me. I have about 100 of them and still haven’t finished yet. I’ll only post some on days I write some.

#40 Dare I say it? I do believe I talked myself out with this one. I can’t think of another damn thing to say but I have ten points to go. I really want to get to fifty this time. I just have this compulsion to push myself to fifty. I secretly hope post 50 unravels the universe.

#41 Yesterday in an oddball attempt to get out of work at the office I composed 40 points entirely unworthy of reading. This morning as I wait for the sun to rise I feel compelled to continue this strange experiment in mental spelunking. I have no idea why but I need to continue.

#42 I ended yesterday’s insipidity with a hope that when I hit 50 of these snippets all the mysteries of the universe will unfold and unravel before my eyes and I will transform into some sort of enlightened guru of cosmic peace and prosperity. I kind of doubt that will happen.

#43 I find an odd serenity when I write things down. The mere act of writing calms my nerves, settles my senses and eases my burden. Knowing that some real friends read my writing helps by making me feel accountable as well. Writing always feels like both a curse and a blessing.

#44 Writing has plagued my heart and mind for most of my life. At about 10 years old I read a book on the assassination of Abraham Lincoln. When I finished the book I put it down and said I want to write books. Not a day has passed since then when I have not written something.

#45 Note that I didn’t say that I write well, I just said that I write. I have not figured out why my friends read my writings. I do not usually say anything of grand importance, deep meaning, or anything worthy of reading for that matter. I only write about what I know, myself.

#46 Rest assured that I do not have a problem with narcissism or a grand ego that needs constant care. After years of seeking for subject matter to write about I’ve reached the conclusion that I only know about me. I’ve also discovered that I haven’t fully explored me either.