Running Dialogue- Part 2

by Jim Morgan

#12 I don’t really keep a poop list. I have no time to carry around grudges and hate but some recent events have forced me to create one. Only two things find place on my list. Religion completely wastes the time and minds of those who follow it. Religion drives me totally nuts!

#13 The stupid people that have allowed themselves to be duped and changed by the monstrous edifice called religion have made the list also and their rank rises rapidly now! It boggles the mind to see seemingly intelligent people fall victim to the vicious onslaught of religion.

#14 I know of a man who refuses to eat devil’s food cake or devilled eggs because they have the word “devil” in their names. I do not jest. I can give you the man’s phone number if you need confirmation. He quotes Bible verses prophet while his mind shrivels through lack of use.

#15 I’ve known of religious folks who went on missions to Africa. These folks possessed college degrees and worked in science oriented careers and seemingly possessed good sense. While in Africa some of them swore they saw imps and demons swarming after one poor helpless soul.

#16 It boggles the mind don’t it? How can one thing which started out with high, noble and spiritual aspirations can turn some people into babbling morons who choose to believe in science-fiction and would rather crush people for not following their rules than risk loving them?

#17 A few weeks ago in a fit of anger and total disgust I walked away from religion, again. As far as concerns me the whole stinking institution should sink into perdition’s fire and all the dimwits who follow after it with no understanding too! I can no longer tolerate them.

#18 Regrettably, or perhaps providentially, I control nothing in this world. Rest assured that if I had any control this nonsense about burning the Qur’an would not exist because anybody who had strong opinions either way would not have an opportunity to act on their stupidity.

#19 Honestly, one would not characterise my life or lifestyle as violent in spite of the things just said. I strive for peace. I desire peace. Religion brought out the best in Hillel, Jesus, Buddha, Muhammad, Gandhi and Jessica Alba but it forces out the worst in me and others.

#20 I have no desire to have others people think of me as a religious man. I do desire to lead a spiritual life, whatever that may mean. I do realise that religion without spirituality disjoints and dysfunctions our perception of reality. One needs both in order to do either.

#21 My studies in the past have forced me to consider the possibility that one must find the balance between religion and spirituality in order to achieve some measure of success in the path chosen and to find some small measure of peace in this turbulent world of our souls.

#22 Then again me full-up in shit and taking myself much too seriously could lay closer to the truth than all of my profound philosophical ramblings combined. Sometimes life is living and living is life. Perhaps no greater truth needs knowing than that. That and Jim oozes genius.

#23 You have no need to fear my awesome brilliance. I really know nothing more than you do. I have travelled down a few paths which you may not have known existed. These roads have given me valuable experience and I place more intrinsic value in experience than I do in knowledge.

#24 Only the purifying fire of experience can make knowledge beautiful and valuable. As a ham radio operator I have read a few thousand lines of instruction that made no sense whatsoever. Only by trying to work out the instructions did they begin to make sense and begin to work.

#25 What a profound thought! We could all learn the lesson that we need to work the instruction for the instruction to work. I wish I could come up with something more profound for the halfway point of this masterpiece of literary genius but genius eludes me right at the moment.