The Running Dialogue- Part 1

by Jim Morgan

#1 People have done the 50 things meme since the begininng. I bet Al Gore did the 50 things right after he invented the internet. I usually never make it to 50 things. I usually poop out around 35 things. I designed this project differently though, so maybe I can go the distance.

#2 Let me forewarn my more sensitive readers. The nature of this meme, along with spiritual and therapeutic overtones of it, lend it to random and spontaneous writing. Some folks will not appreciate my subject matter or my language. The easily offended may not want to read this.

#3 With this writing I will explore some personal, spiritual, and therpeutic things. I must admit that this scares me a quite a bit. I really have no idea what this project will turn up but I feel the necessity of pursuing this. I hope to repent living in the windless doldrums.

#4 Writing all this preliminary stuff prevents me from tackling some issues. Maybe I can write all 50 things all like the above then I will not have the time or the space to tackle any of the stuff you want to see but I don’t want to discuss. What’s life without adventure though?

#5 Current reading- The Education of Henry Adams by Henry Adams. An old Adams writes this autobiography and explores how his fine education did not equip him for the radical changes the “Industrial Revolution” brought. I can relate, only substitute “information” for “industrial.”

#6 On the turntable- I have found 34 songs by Edith Piaf in the public domain. I speak no French but I find her voice so enchanting, even though all these songs sound the same. She lived a rather radical life and the Catholic church denied her a proper burial. Yep, she has cred!

#7 Some folks will think it odd of me to scour the public domain for entertainment. I, too, accuse myself of odd behaviours, but I do believe that our mad quest at our mad pace blows right past some really amazing stuff. Progress for the sake of progress endangers us culturally.

#8 Instead of constantly blazing new trails into uncharted areas we ought to slow down some & apply some discretion to the world which we’ve created. Sometimes I feel that our so-called progress outpaces our wisdom & knowledge. Bad things may not happen but why take the risk?

#9 In my opinion, progress does not necessarily give us good or evil results. Many good things happen because of progress. Public sanitation comes to mind as a very positive result of progress. Public sanitation has lead to a sharp rise in healthy lives in developed countries.

#10 Communications progress has given us the wonders of email and internet tv, which fall into the positive column, the isolation and technology dependence of our modern online society surely must land squarely in the negative column. We have yet to achieve balance in this area.

#11 My odd behaviours will not bring about any substantive change in culture or society. One man acting goofy changes little but does provide a few hours of entertainment for the masses that like his eccentricities. As a society we should enforce a rule that reads “have fun.”