Yeah, the world is flat…DUH! Open yer ojos!

by Jim Morgan

Ok so here we go again. It has been a while since I have had anything to do with #zen_surrealism. Yeah, I know. You didn’t miss it did you?

That is ok by me. I really don’t know if I “get” it either and I am the freaking high priest of this artsy lunacy.

Oddly enough I can tell you from personal experience that when I ceased to do the Holy Brain Dump my life kind of turned into shit on a biscuit. Weird how that works ain’t it?

When I was faithful in my practise of my highly annointed and slightly overrated religious practice the clouds seemed shinier and the moronic elements of our world were kept at bay. Damn, why did I ever quit the practise?

Within a matter of days morons crept out of the woodworks and began assaulting yours truly with a barrage of stupidity and insults. I felt like curling up and dying.

After years and years of fighting I am tired of fighting and just really want to live in peace. I try not to sell anything but sometimes it may appear that I am taking a back road into some sort of lazy enlightenment.

Lazy man’s enlightenment- wow. Now even I could sell that! The world is in some serious need of enlightenment. Well maybe that and a cleansing enema.

That is what my social networks are getting when I go all zen_surrealism on y’all… an enema. Some people just don’t understand what is going on with this. They think I’m a baboon just spewing stuff out.

Maybe that is what I am doing. BUT just maybe there is a deeper truth to what I am doing than just spewing whatever happens to trip my trigger.

Which makes me wonder where my trigger is…