Yep the Kingdom of God is full of CONMEN!

by Jim Morgan

Take this feller Jacob. This guy would’ve made a great lawyer or conman. What a sleaze ball this guy was! He connived his way into big money.

He was a whining mama’s boy with no conscience who wrangled an inheritance that didn’t belong to him from his own old blind father.

In the process of chiseling money from the old man he screwed over his older brother who actually had right over the entire inheritance.

Fearing his brother’s understandable wrath he fled the land & went to the old country because he had family there he hadn’t stolen from yet

As he left we see a peek into his character. He prayed to God and said IF you exist then do so-and-so. Jacob was not raised in the faith.

He went on to chisel his father’s family in a far off land and then decided to return to the land of his inheritance. He was scared.

God met him on the way and Jacob, the coward, had the audacity to wrestle with none other GOD! God showed him and made him limp for life

Jacob went on to become a successful man and raised a huge family, a couple of which were good people. Jacob was an ancestor of the Messiah.

So Jacob is yet another of the tainted people in the Bible which God used in a big way. He was very far from perfect. He lied and stole

But God still used him. God can use anyone. It looks like he prefers to use the dirty rundown skanky people sometimes. God’s crazy like that.